Sweden & Estonia

Studying in Sweden

If you are planning to study in Sweden, the web site Studyinsweden.se is your one-stop information centre for higher education studies in Sweden. The purpose of Studyinsweden.se is to provide international students wishing to study in Sweden with a convenient and comprehensive information resource.

It contains general information on the opportunities open to international students, admission procedures and other practical details.

The service is designed for students at all levels. It provides information on undergraduate courses, Master's programmes and opportunities for researchers.


As an EU citizen you have the right to work, study or live in Sweden without a residence permit.

If you will be studying in Sweden for more than three months and you are not an EU citizen or a long-term resident, you need a residence permit.

The Swedish Migration Board website provides information about what is required to obtain a residence permit, as well as the possibility of completing an online application for the majority of matters.

Swedish Migration Board website