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Sweden & Egypt

Trade & investments

The Embassy of Sweden in Cairo and Business Sweden cooperate closely on commercial matters.

One of the main priorities of the Embassy is to promote and encourage Swedish trade and business as well as investments in and tourism to Sweden. This is an important building block of relations between Sweden and Egypt.

The Embassy works in close cooperation with Business Sweden. To visit their websites, please click on the following link. Part of this cooperation includes assisting both Swedish, regional and local companies looking for business opportunities and bilateral partnerships. Information of general nature is provided free of charge. More comprehensive information and services are provided on assignment basis from Business Sweden and are subject to a charge. Business Sweden maintains day-to-day contacts throughout Swedish industry and commerce and work closely with trade associations in Sweden.

If you are interested in doing business with Sweden and/or Swedish companies, you are welcome to contact Business Sweden by going to www.business-sweden.se or  emailinfo@business-sweden.se.