Sweden & China

Trade between Sweden and China

China is currently Sweden's largest trading partner in Asia. Trade with China has consistently increased during the last couple of years. Apart from the approximately 10,000 Swedish companies that trade with China, more than 600 Swedish companies have established presence.

In 2017 Swedish exports of goods amounted to a total value of 58 billion SEK, a year-on-year increase of 27 percent. Exports to China constitute 4,5 percent of all Swedish exports, which makes China Sweden's eight largest export market. Machinery and equipment is the biggest category of goods, accounting for 33 percent of exports. Other goods such as medicinal and pharmaceutical products and vehicles also account for a large part of exports. Exports of services decreased by 11,7 percent in 2017, amounting to 15,2 billion SEK.

Swedish imports from China amounted to 71,8 billion SEK in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 6,7 percent. This constitutes 5.5 percent of total Swedish imports, which makes China Sweden's seventh largest source of imports. Machinery and equipment is the biggest category of goods, equivalent to 38 percent. Clothing is the second largest category, 11 percent. Import of services amounted to a value of 9,7 billion SEK, principally the same level as the year before.

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