Sweden & Canada

Visiting Sweden (less than 90 days)

If you are a Canadian citizen with a Canadian passport (travel document not accepted) and would like to travel to Sweden for a visit (tourism or business travel) and your stay will not exceed 90 days, you do not need to have a visa. You still need to meet a number of requirements. Please read about the requirements here.

For non-Canadian citizens a Schengen visa may be needed.

Find here a list of countries whose citizens need a visa for entry into Sweden

To apply for a visa the applicant must reside in Canada and have a valid passport or travel document. Please click here to see what type of travel documents that are excepted.

Residents in Canada should submit applications through VFS Global. VFS Global Canada has offices in Ottawa and Toronto.

For more information about the process, what documents are required, applications form and how to schedule an appointment please visit:

Welcome to VFS Global | vfsglobal

Phone number to VFS Global Canada: +1 866 978 5904

E-mail to VFS Global Canada: info.swedencanada@vfshelpline.com

The Embassy in Ottawa does not handle Schengen visas and if you have questions or require further information about Schengen visas, please contact the Embassy of Sweden in Washington DC.

Please note that all travellers are responsible for verifying the travel restriction in place before departure. A Schengen visa is not a guarantee for entry to Sweden or the Schengen area. The Swedish Border Police will determine whether a person meets the entry conditions. The assessments will be made at the border. 

Information from the Swedish Police Authority about traveling to Sweden.