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Everyone who is going to receive a residence permit card has to be photographed. Children under the age of six do not need to have their fingerprints taken. Anyone who cannot be fingerprinted for physical reasons, such as permanent finger injuries, does not have to have their fingerprints taken either.

Your fingerprints and photo are only stored on the card chip, not anywhere else. For that reason you have to be photographed again, and have your fingerprints taken again, every time you need to have a new residence permit card issued. There is no charge for the issuing of residence permit cards other than the application fee for the permit.

Please contact the Embassy by e-mail to book an appointment. When visiting the Embassy, please bring your passport for ID purposes.

Canadian citizens (and citizens of other visa free countries): Have the possibility to submit biometrics in Sweden, after arrival. Make an appointment at your closest Migration Agency office. Some offices have long waiting times, so it's recommended to book a time well in advance.

Citizens of countries that require an entry visa: Since you need your residence permit card to enter Sweden, you have to submit biometrics at the Embassy of Sweden in Ottawa. The card will arrive at the Embassy in 2 to 4 weeks, and can either be picked up in person or sent to your home address (courier fee will be charged).

Last updated 29 Oct 2021, 1.35 PM