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Sweden & Cambodia

Trade between Sweden and Cambodia

Swedish exports to Cambodia amounted to 64 million SEK in 2015 while imports from Cambodia amounted to 587 million SEK. The Swedish imports were dominated by clothing, 71%, and shoes, 3%. Swedish exports during the same period were more diverse, but consisted largely of engineering products, machinery and equipment as well as cardboard and paper.
Trade relations with Cambodia are limited, but an increasing number of Swedish companies operate in Cambodia. H & M and MILVIK (Bima Cambodia) have offices in Phnom Penh. Both H & M and IKEA buy goods from Cambodia. There are also several Swedish entrepreneurs, especially in the tourism industry, working in Cambodia. The Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board (EKN) has for some years now approved credit for exports to Cambodia although country risk is rated high.

In May 2015, the Ambassador and Commercial Officer held a workshop on 'Doing Business in Cambodia: Opportunities and Challenges' for Swedish business community in Thailand. The aim of the workshop was to seek possibilities in attracting Swedish businesses who are already in the region to come to Cambodia. The workshop was co-organized by Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and was well attended.

For more details on Swedish-Cambodian trade relations visit the Swedish National Board of Trade's website that contains information about Swedish exports and imports to Cambodia.



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