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Sweden & Botswana

Development cooperation

Sweden has a long history of cooperation with South Africa, Botswana and Namibia and this cooperation has progressed from support to the anti-apartheid struggle and traditional development cooperation to a partnership built on mutual interest and shared responsibility.

The cooperation with South Africa, Botswana and Namibia came to an end in December 2013 in accordance with the Government decision from 2007 to reduce the number of Swedish bilateral partner countries in international development cooperation. During the years there have been many interesting results and partnerships within the development cooperation with the three countries and these experiences from the partners and their knowledge are important for Sweden (see articles on the right). 

The historically close relations between Sweden and these countries will continue by promoting an increase in commercial exchanges and deepening trade relations, increased tourism, increased political cooperation in multilateral fora and in general more points of contact between the countries.

To the right are links to cooperation programmes and exchanges which continued after the phasing out of the bilateral cooperation.  

More Information

Read more about the past cooperation on Sida's website

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