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Sweden & Botswana

Trade between Sweden and Botswana

Trade between Sweden and Botswana is small, but has the potential to grow.


Sweden's exports to Botswana have grown in recent years, but still constitute only a fraction of Sweden's total exports. They consist mainly of trucks, buses and telecommunications equipment.

Exports from Botswana to Sweden are smaller and mainly consist of various manufactured products.

Some big Swedish companies such as Scania, Atlas Copco and Ericsson are present in Botswana.

Business Sweden's office in Johannesburg can assist Swedish companies that are interested in doing business with Botswana. Please find contact details to Business Sweden in Johannesburg in the column to the right.

If you want information on how to export products to Sweden, you can visit Open Trade Gate Sweden. Open Trade Gate is a one-stop information centre for exporters from developing countries, mainly focusing on trade rules and regulations. Open Trade Gate's services are free of charge. > Visit the website of Open Trade Gate Sweden

Under "Links" to the right you will also find other institutions in Sweden that could help you identify Swedish suppliers, buyers or sectors for investment.