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Open Trade Gate Sweden

In 2004 the Government of Sweden decided that a special facility to strengthen the capacity and ability of developing countries to trade with and export to Sweden should be created. The task was given to the National Board of Trade where Open Trade Gate Sweden was set up.

Open Trade Gate Sweden is a one-stop information centre for exporters interested in the Swedish market. It aims to facilitate trade and increase exports from developing countries to Sweden. Open Trade Gate Sweden specialises in trade rules and regulations, covering areas such as labelling, packaging, health and sanitary requirements and customs procedures.

In addition to responding to inquiries from companies, Open Trade Gate Sweden also helps exporters who encounter problems when trying to export to Sweden. When a trade barrier is reported we act on the information by contacting relevant authorities and ministries in Sweden in order to solve the problem.    

Open Trade Gate Sweden has a technical assistance programme in the field of export procedures, rules and regulations. Within this programme, technical assistance is directed towards capacity building and institutional development.
Those who wish to consult Open Trade Gate Sweden should e-mail their questions, with detailed information about the product they wish to export to Sweden, to info@opentradegate.se or through the inquiry form at: > Open Trade Gate's website Open Trade Gate Sweden’s services are free of charge.