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Present your passport in original

If you applied for residence or work permit in Sweden, starting from 1 November 2022, you would need to present your passport in original form before the decision is taken. In family reunification cases it will be enough to show your passport when you come to the embassy for an interview.

Starting from November, it will be mandatory for applicants to present their passport in original before a decision is taken. It will affect all types of applications for work permit and resident permit, excluding family reunification cases and cases where an interview has already been requested by the Migration service of Sweden. Fingerprints may also be submitted during this procedure.

The new requirement to present a passport in original applies without transitional period. This means that even persons who have already applied for a permit will need to visit a Swedish embassy to have their passport checked before they can get a decision.

You should not make contact or visit the Embassy before receiving an invitation to do so from the Swedish Migration Agency.

More on the new rules here: Stricter passport checks - Swedish Migration Agency (migrationsverket.se)

Last updated 09 Dec 2022, 12.23 PM