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Trade with Sweden

If you are interested in exporting your products to Sweden or explore opportunities for investments in Sweden, below is a list of Swedish institutions dedicated to making it easier for foreign companies to do business with Sweden. This is your gateway to the Swedish market!

Business and Trade

Are you interested in exporting or importing products to or from Sweden? Would you like to explore opportunities for investments in Sweden? Below is a list of Swedish institutions dedicated to making it easier for foreign companies to do business with Sweden. This is your gateway to the Swedish market!

The Swedish Chambers 

Offer contacts, knowledge and capacity to exporters from developing countries within the Trade Promotion Programme. The programme is carried out in cooperation with Sida (Swedish International Development  Cooperation Agency). To read more about the programme and download or order market information, see the Swedish Chambers website.

Association of Swedish Chambers of Commerce and Industry

The national organisation and network for regional chambers, all uniquely positioned at the heart of every business community in Sweden. Chambers are important links for contacts and networking on regional, national and international levels.

A number of current Swedish Chambers of Commerce can be consulted under this link for more information and further contacts: The Swedish Chambers of Commerce

Business Sweden – The Swedish Trade and Invest Council

Business Sweden's goal is to help Swedish companies grow global sales by utilizing it as a platform for expansion and support international companies gain access to the Swedish market. It aims at helping Swedish businesses succeed abroad and international companies succeed in Sweden. They offer strategic advice and hands-on support to customers to minimise risk, accelerate landing/launching and propel growth. Business Sweden is owned by the Swedish Government and the industry, a partnership that provides access to contacts and networks at all levels to support clients in the best possible way. Business Sweden acts as a dedicated business partner for Swedish companies in Bangladesh by assessing the market, building strategies for market entry, growth and development, as well as supporting in establishing business entities and teams.

Visiting Address: Business Sweden, World Trade Center, Klarabergsviadukten 70 111 64 Stockholm

Postal Address: Business Sweden, Box 240, 10124 Stockholm Sweden

Phone: +46 8 588 660 00

Email: info@business-sweden.se

Webpage: www.business-sweden.se

National Board of Trade

The National Board of Trade (Kommerskollegium) is an independent government agency acting as an expert administrative authority on foreign trade and Swedish trade policies. Its activities fall mainly within the framework of the European Union and its internal market, but the Board also advocates an open and strong multilateral trading system, continued trade liberalisation and a simplification of trade procedures. It provides analyses of Swedish trade policies and information on i.e. import licences. The Board answers to enquiries free of charge.

Visiting Address: Drottninggatan 89, Stockholm, Sweden

Postal Address: National Board of Trade, Box 6803, 113 86 Stockholm Sweden

Phone: +46 8 690 48 00

Email: registrator@kommers.se

Webpage: http://www.kommers.se/  

Open Trade Gate Sweden

Open Trade Gate Sweden is one component of Sweden’s wish to strengthen the capacity of developing countries’ ability to trade and export. The initiative to form and develop Open Trade Gate Sweden stems from the Swedish Minister of Trade and Industry and the Swedish Minister of Development Cooperation. In April 2004 a Government decision was taken to develop Open Trade Gate Sweden. Open Trade Gate Sweden is a part of the National Board of Trade, which is Sweden’s governmental authority for foreign trade and trade policy.

Visiting Address: Drottninggatan 89, Stockholm, Sweden

Postal Address: Open Trade Gate Sweden, Box 6803, 113 86 Stockholm Sweden

Phone: +46 8 690 48 00

Email: OTGS@kommerskollegium.se

Webpage: http://www.opentradegate.se/  

Swedish Trade Federation

The Swedish Trade Federation (Svensk Handel) is the principal organ in Sweden for Swedish importers, wholesalers, suppliers and retailers. It has 20 000 members, among them a large number of trade associations and local business organisations. The Federation works for increased imports to Sweden and promotes free trade across borders. It aims at enhancing the awareness of the significance of trade and imports to Sweden. A special unit called the Import Council offers service to companies that want to export to Sweden, on i.e. import licences, border inspections, import documents and customs regulations. It assists companies in establishing contacts between suppliers from abroad and Swedish trade associations/companies and offers information on Swedish markets and trends.

Visiting Address: Regeringsgatan 60, Stockholm, Sweden

Postal Address: Svensk Handel, Regeringsgatan 60, 103 29 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0)10 47 18 500

Email: info@svenskhandel.se

Webpage: https://www.svenskhandel.se/  

Make Trade

Make Trade is an international platform and non-profit membership organisation founded by the Chambers of Commerce in Sweden. It aims at enabling business to grow internationally and benefit from both local and global business networks.

Visiting Address: United Spaces Business Center, Klarabergsviadukten 63, Stockholm

Postal Address: Make Trade, Upplandsgatan 49, SE- 113 28 Stockholm

Email: info@swedenonthego.se

Webpage: https://maketrade.se/


This free-to-use comprehensive directory provides information such as name of companies, contact details, address, telephone, fax, e-mail, and web addresses of Swedish companies.

Website: https://www.kompass.com/


Swedfund provides risk capital, expertise and financial support for investment in the emerging markets of Africa, Asia and Latin America, as well as the non-EU countries of Eastern Europe.

Visiting Address: Drottninggatan 92-94, Stockholm Sweden

Postal Address: Swedfund International AB, P.O. Box 3286, SE-103 65 Stockholm Sweden

Phone: +46 8 725 94 00

Email: GDPR@swedfund.se

Webpage: https://www.swedfund.se/

Nordic Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bangladesh (NCCI)

Founded in 2010, NCCI is a joint initiative of the Nordic Embassies (Sweden, Denmark and Norway) based in Bangladesh and companies operating in Bangladesh to assist, promote and facilitate trade. It is a platform promoting a unified Nordic voice involving various stakeholders. The chamber strives to build closer cooperation with stakeholders, discussing and exchanging views on business conditions and issues affecting both local and Nordic companies. Moreover, it operates as a contact point for Nordic businesses and support Nordic investments in Bangladesh. Additionally, it shares and disseminate the best Nordic business practices, value driven management and issues related to cultural understanding. The NCCI also provides different kinds of support to its members in order to facilitate growth and increase market share, including designing of specific programs for its members and facilitating business meetings.

Furthermore, NCCI is working to build a healthy coalition amongst Nordic businesses operating in Bangladesh to address both global and company specific agenda, including but not limited to, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Climate Change actions, etc.

Visiting/Postal Address: Nordic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), C/O: GraphicPeople Ltd., 3rd Floor, Plot 76/A, Road 11, Block M, Banani, Dhaka 1213 Bangladesh

Phone: +88017 777 00752

Email: info@nccib.com

Webpage: https://www.nccib.com/

Sweden-Bangladesh Business Council (SBBC)

Sweden-Bangladesh Business Council (SBBC) is a non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting and supporting its members’ business with Bangladesh. SBBC works to spread information regarding trade related issues and make it possible for the members to exchange experiences and networking. SBBC also strives for a better relationship between Sweden and Bangladesh and it will contribute to a positive development of Bangladesh.

Email: info@sbbc.se

Webpage: https://www.sbbc.se/

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