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Pick up Passport/Driver License in New York

You need to bring your old passport/driver license/national ID-card when you pick up the new one. If it already expired, bring another form of valid photo ID with clearly visible signature. A parent/legal guardian can pick up a new passport for a minor (under age 18). Alla applicants 18 and older must pick up their passports in person.

You always need to make an appointment to pick up a passport/ID card/driver's license the Consulate General in New York. After our move to new offices in October 2016 we can unfortunately no longer offer drop-in service. The building regulations require that all visitors have appointments. 

You need to bring your old passport/driver's license to pick up your new one. Schedule the appointment in an adult's name.

The booking system will offer two options in a drop-down menu:
1) apply for a passport/ID card
2) visit us during reception visiting hours
→Choose option 2!

State your phone number in the following format: +19175550000, no spaces or hyphens.

> Book appointment here to visit us during reception visiting hours

You may not apply for/renew a passport during an appointment made to ”visit us during reception visiting hours”.

Last updated 27 Feb 2018, 2.35 PM