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Pick up Passport/Driver License in New York

You always need to make an appointment to pick up a passport/ID card/driver's license the Consulate General in New York. After our move to new offices in October 2016 we can unfortunately no longer offer drop-in service. The building regulations require that all visitors have appointments.

The Embassy in Washington DC is closed for visitors  due to the coronavirus outbreak. The Consulate General opened for appointments on June 19.

You need to bring your old passport/driver's license to pick up your new one. Schedule the appointment in an adult's name.

The booking system will offer two options in a drop-down menu:
1) apply for a passport/ID card
2) visit us during reception visiting hours
→Choose option 2!

State your phone number in the following format: +19175550000, no spaces or hyphens.

> Book appointment here to visit us during reception visiting hours

You may not apply for/renew a passport during an appointment made to ”visit us during reception visiting hours”.

Last updated 27 Feb 2018, 2.35 PM