Sweden & The Netherlands

Application Fees

Fees for the different consular services at the Embassy of Sweden in The Hague. Please note that the fees are also mentioned below in Swedish Crowns but you pay the equivalent in local currency (Euro). We prefer payments with card. We accept bank cards and creditcards (with VPay- or MasterCard). It is possible to pay in euro but we do not accept Swedish currency.

Swedish passports and ID cards Fee in local currency Which is equivalent to: 
Passport 153 EUR (SEK 1600)
Emergency travel document 172 EUR (SEK 1800)
National ID card 153 EUR (SEK 1600)
Handling fee for passport applied for at other mission 19 EUR (SEK 200)
Driving licence     
Delivery of driving licence 43 EUR (SEK 450)
Handling fee if the application fee has been paid in Sweden 19 EUR (SEK 200)

Notification (law 2001:82)

17 EUR (SEK 175)

 Application for citizenship

143 EUR (SEK 1500)



 Marriage certificate

19 EUR (SEK 200)

 Postal fee (within NL)

9 EUR  

 Life certificate

no fee  

 Coordination number

no fee