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Application for coordination number and name

Newborn babies and people who have never held a Swedish passport, national identity card or been registered in Sweden need to get a Swedish coordination number before they can apply for a Swedish passport.

Children born before April 1, 2015 If the child's father is a Swedish citizen but not the child's mother, and the parents are not married to each other, an application for swedish citizen has to be made for the child before one can apply for the Swedish coordination number.

Apply for citi­zenship – for children born abroad with a Swedish father before 1 April 2015

Children born after April 1, 2015 Children born after April 1, 2015 will automatically become Swedish citizen if either parent is a Swedish citizen and can directly request the Swedish coordination number at the embassy or consulate.

Request for Swedish coordination number A Swedish coordination number corresponds to the Swedish personal identity number, but given to children who are born abroad and who were not registered in Sweden. The request for the Swedish coordination number can be made by visiting the embassy or consulate, mother, father and child must be present. The Swedish coordination number is free of charge and the processing time is approximately 4-6 weeks. Priority is not granted except upon death, war or equivalent. Please note that the Swedish Tax agency (Skatteverket) require a birth notice from the hospital (to show who gave birth to the baby).

The following documents are required

• Completed form SKV 7750 for names notification, signed by both parents. The form is available at the Embassy, or to download from the Swedish Tax Agency's website.  Important information on how to fill out the form is available here.

• Other valid photo ID of the child or bring a passport photograph in color.

• Child's birth certificate, "Unabridged Birth Certificate", in original with an apostile (legalized document).

• Birth notification from the hospital  (to show who gave birth to the baby)

• A copy of parents' marriage certificate if the father is Swedish but not the mother and the baby is born before April 1, 2015 

• Copies of both parents' passports.

• A copy of any decision by the Swedish Migration Agency on the retention of Swedish citizenship if there is a risk that the Swedish parent lost his/her Swedish citizenship at the age of 22. Read more here about losing Swedish citizenship.

• All copies should be certified either by the embassy or consulate.

More information on Swedish coordination number 

Book an appointment (Booking is via the Swedish Migration Agency’s website)

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