Emergency / Temporary passport in Cyprus

If you have lost your regular passport, you can apply for an emergency / temporary passport. This passport, which is in A4 format, is issued for a specific trip that is imminent, with a validity period depending on the length of the trip and a maximum of 7 months. You should indicate the length of the trip and show a flight ticket. You must check for yourself whether the country you are going to visit accepts a Swedish temporary passport in A4 format. The easiest way to get the information is to contact the respective country's embassy or your travel agency.

The following is required when applying for an emergency / temporary passport:

  • Personal visit to the embassy.
  • When applying at an embassy that has a photo station, no application form needs to be filled in or a photo must be included as the application procedure is the same as for a regular passport (with the exception of fingerprinting).
  • When applying at an embassy / consulate without a photo station, fill in a form, which is available at the authority, and 2 passport photos are needed, which may not be more than 6 months old.
  • Police report of the lost/stolen passport.
  • Ordinary passport will be blocked.
  • Valid ID with photo, if possible.
  • For persons under the age of 18, the consent of all guardians is required.
  • The fee for the temporary passport is SEK 1800 in local currency.