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Information for business

Companies who wish to get information about Bosnia and Herzegovina, or help with establishment in the country can contact the Embassy and/or the following authorities and companies.


ALMI Företagspartner AB offers loans, venture capital and consulting in all phases of business – from initial ideas to already successful businesses. Companies that wish to operate on the international market but have difficulties obtaining loan financing from elsewhere can turn to ALMI, as well as companies who are in an international business development phase and are in need of counseling, matchmaking, market development, etc. ALMI has an extensive understanding of entrepreneurship reality and regional conditions, as well as a national and global perspective.

Business Sweden

Business Sweden (The Swedish Trade & Invest Council) covers Bosnia and Herzegovina from its regional office in Belgrade, Serbia. The Council offers professional services for companies looking to develop their export and can also offer unique knowledge of the Bosnian market, language and business culture. Taking the company's needs as a starting point, tailor-made solutions are created to facilitate foreign investments or business activities. Companies in all stages of their export development can receive assistance from the Council.


Industrifonden is a foundation that invests in small and medium-sized Swedish companies that have international potential growth. Industrifonden offers venture capital, competence and a network of contacts to small and medium-sized companies in several line of business, amongst others ICT, Life Science, Cleantech, etc. All investments are made on commercial terms together with entrepreneurs and co-investors. Industrifonden has a large national network, including private and public investors, entrepreneurs, research and academia, private and public organizations and finance industry.


Internationaliseringsguiden provides services to Swedish companies of all sizes and within all industries to establish themselves abroad, from the first export deal to establishment and foreign investment. From Internationaliseringsguiden, companies can get advice, information, expertise, funding, venture capital, protection against payment risks, etc.


The Nordic Project Fund (Nopef) is part of the organisation of the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM). Nopef aims to support and extend Nordic cooperation and to contribute to the common interest of the Nordic countries. Nopef is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The funds are used to strengthen the international competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises by providing loans on favourable terms for co-financing feasibility studies, aiming at contributing to the internationalisation of companies. Nopef supports feasibility studies that have strong commercial potential

Nordic Development Fund

The objective of the Nordic Development Fund's (NDF) operations is to facilitate climate change investments in low-income countries. NDF finances in cooperation with bilateral and multilateral development institutions. NDF's operations mirror the Nordic countries' priorities in the areas of climate change and development. The operations are financed from the development cooperation budgets of the five Nordic countries.

Nordic Investment Bank

The Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) is an international financial institution owned by Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. NIB finances projects that strengthen member countries' competitiveness and enhance the environment. The Bank offers long-term loans and guarantees on competitive market terms to its clients in both the private and public sectors.


Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), is the Swedish government agency that works on behalf of the Swedish Parliament and Government to reduce poverty in the world and to convey humanitarian assistance to people in need. Another part of Sida's mission is conducting reform cooperation with Eastern Europe. Sida does not provide direct support to companies, but companies can apply for support through some of Sida's cooperation partners, such astThe Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and Swedfund. Their programmes Demomiljö and Swedpartnership are aimed directly towards small and medium-sized companies. Sida has an active role in influencing the direction of these support channels.

SKL International

SKL International is a consulting company owned by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR). The company is working to support local democracy and local and regional governance. SKL International collaborates with miscellaneous project partners all around the world; from other countries' ministries to organizations which represent municipalities and regions. Also, SKL supports Swedish municipalities' international businesses. Support from the SKL is result-oriented and based on the demand that exist in the market. Most often, the funding comes from Swedish and international aid agencies.


Swedfund is a company owned by the Swedish government, which provides risk capital, expertise and financial support for investments in emerging markets in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Swedfund invests with strategic partners who want to start up or expand their business in a new market. Swedfund also offers financial support to small and medium-sized Swedish enterprises in the form of loans for investment in knowledge transfer and equipment. The project must be based on long-term commercial cooperation between the Swedish enterprise and a company in the target country. All investment decisions are made in a professional, businesslike manner.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Bosnia and Hercegovina (SCCBH)

SCCBH is a membership based association established in February 2016, actively supported by the Swedish Embassy in Sarajevo, as the first Swedish chamber of commerce to focus on business opportunities in Bosnia Herzegovina. The prime objectives are to promote and obtain the positive image of Sweden in Bosnia Herzegovina, a steady increase in trade between our countries and work actively to deepen the BiH-Swedish economic relations. SCCBH provides a meeting place for Swedish business people with an interest in Bosnia Herzegovina and to organize seminars which provide insight in the economy and private sector of Bosnia Herzegovina. The purpose of the association is to strengthen Swedish business interests in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to assist members by active networking and help all, especially newcomers, with advice and information.

Swedish Export Credit Corporation

The Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK) works primary with providing financial solution to support Swedish industry and to strengthen the Swedish business sector's competiveness when engaging in international businesses. SEK controls its own lending and works mostly with long-term loans, which enables competitive direct financing and retail financing. Thanks to its long experience, SEK has a deep understanding of different countries' cultures and traditions and knowledge about the international capital market.

Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board

Established in 1933, Swedish Export Credits Guarantee Board (Swe: Exportkreditnämnden) is both a business partner and an authority commissioned by the government to promote Swedish exports and the internationalization of Swedish companies. This is achieved through insuring export companies and banks against the risk of non-payment in export transactions, thereby enabling them to conduct more secure export transactions. EKN has a wide-ranging network, which includes banks, EKN's counterparts in other countries and other export-promoting organizations.


Swedpartnership is a fund administrated by Swedfund that offers financial support to small and medium-sized Swedish companies in the starting phase of new business cooperation in the developing markets of Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. The Swedish companies have the opportunity to apply for financial support for investment in knowledge exchange and equipment. Swedpartnership can finance business partnerships with local suppliers or distributors. A project may also include a joint venture or the establishment of a solely owned affiliated company.

The National Board of Trade

The National Board of Trade (Swe: Kommerskollegium) is a Swedish governmental agency dealing with foreign trade and trade policy. The Board works for promoting open and free trade with transparent rules, within and outside the European Union. As an expert authority in trade policy issues, the Board provides assistance to developing countries through trade-related development cooperation. Exporters from developing countries can also obtain information on trade rules and requirements in Sweden and the EU from the Board. Also, the Board serves as Ombudsman and SOLVIT Centre and assists companies as well as people encountering trade barriers on the internal market.

The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Swe: Tillväxtverket) supports initiatives that help people to realize their business concepts. It does this by supporting business development initiatives and by efforts towards making it easier to become and remain an entrepreneur. The Agency's work is divided into four areas: business development, capital, entrepreneurship and selected areas. Companies that want to expand their business with for an example sale, production or marketing in other countries can also obtain financial help from the Agency.

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