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Q&A about the opening of a Consulate General in San Francisco

Why is Sweden opening a Consulate General in San Francisco?

By strengthening its presence on the West Coast of the United States, Sweden reinforces its capacity for trade cooperation and promotion of Sweden, while providing consular support within its area of operation.  

With a population of approximately 40 million, California is the world’s fifth largest economy. The state has long been a hub for technological innovation, research and industrial development, IT industry, AI and cultural, creative industries such as computer games, film and music. Swedish interests in California are strong and growing. Over 100 Swedish-affiliated businesses are represented in the state and Sweden supports more than 43,000 jobs in California.

The Swedish Foreign Service adapts in response to external developments, new requirements and needs, to create the best possible conditions for an effective and coherent foreign policy and to promote Swedish interests. This changes constantly, which means Sweden sometimes opens and closes embassies and consulates.

What will be the area of ​​operation of the new Consulate General in San Francisco?

The Consulate General's area of ​​operations and consular responsibility is California and Hawaii.

When will the Consulate General open and where will it be located?

The Consulate General will open early January 2024. During the fall of 2023, staff is present to work with the establishment. The Consulate General will be located in San Francisco's Financial district.

During the establishment phase, people in need of consular support are still referred to the embassy in Washington and the Honorary Consulate in San Francisco.

What are the core areas of engagement for the Consulate General?

The Consulate General’s core areas of engagement will be Swedish trade promotion and promotion of Sweden, but it will also provide consular support and issues passports in its area of operation.

Will Swedes be able to apply for passports at the Consulate General?

Yes. Swedish citizens will be able to apply for both ordinary and provisional passports at the Consulate General. Passport services are intended to start in the first quarter of 2024. The Consulate General will be a small mission with a limited capacity.

Until further notice, Swedish citizens who want to apply for ordinary passports are referred to the embassy in Washington or the Consulate General in New York. The Honorary Consulate in San Francisco remains open during the establishment period and continues to handle provisional passports and other consular matters until the Consulate General opens.

Last updated 22 Dec 2023, 12.27 PM