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Embassy Staff

Ambassador Karin Olofsdotter.

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Office of Ambassador Karin Olofsdotter

Ms. Anne-Charlotte Wetterwik
Assistant to the Ambassador

Ms. Pernilla Scott
Social Secretary to the Ambassador

Mr. Göran Lithell 
Deputy Chief of Mission

Ms. Britt-Marie Forslund
Congressional Officer

Ms. Andrea Sköldberg Gurney

Assistant to the DCM

Political Affairs

Ms. Anna Hammarlund Blixt

Counselor, Head of Political Affairs    

Mr. Benjamin Escaig

Ms. Johanna Lindquist 


Mr. Johan Raeder
Defense Advisor

Ms. Ella Carlberg 
First Secretary, Senior Advisor for Euro-Atlantic Affairs

Interns, Political Affairs

Trade and Economic Affairs

Mr. Björn Arvidsson
Minister Counselor, Head of Trade and Economic Affairs 

Ms. Cecilia Lif 

Mr. Johan Rydberg

Emma Nilsson

Ms. Eva Hunnius Ohlin
Advisor for Energy and Environment

Ms. Jenny Majidyar

Intern, Trade and Economic Affairs

Office for Defense Industry Cooperation

Mr. Ola Alfredsson
Counselor for Defense Industry Cooperation

Mr. Nils Johansson
Senior Advisor, Defense Industry Cooperation

Public Diplomacy, Media, Communication & Cultural Affairs

Ms. Monica Enqvist
Counselor, Head of Public Diplomacy, Media and Communications

Ms. Linda Zachrison
Cultural Counselor 

Ms. Jenny Mählqvist Cabezas 
Cultural Program Officer

Ms. Linda Tocchini-Valentini  
Communications Officer

Ms. Kate Reuterswärd
(on leave until January, 2020)
Press Officer

Ms. Maria Ploberg (covering for Kate Reuterswärd)
Press Officer

Mr. Max Lenik
Event & Exhibition Technical Coordinator

Interns, Public Diplomacy, Media & Cultural Affairs

Consular and Administrative Affairs

Ms. Helena Marcus
Counselor/Consul General

Mr. Andreas ten Berge 
Second Secretary/Consul

Ms. Madeleine Rydberg Cordell  

Ms. Zandra Bergstedt
Consular Affairs Officer

Ms. Marie Whitman
Consular Affairs/Passport Officer 

Mr. Rodrigo Cabezas

Ms. Lena Rapp Schmaltz
Visas/Passport Officer

Ms. Sandra Frejd

Ms. Pernilla Tietjen


Ms. Marie Landin

Ms. Isabell Sköldberg

Ms. Johanna Bergenholtz 
Administrative Officer

Mr. Timothy Lundgren
Administrative Officer, IT

Ms. Alexandra Adams
Protocol Officer

Ms. Salomeh Adham
Personnel Officer

Ms. Maja Markensten

Mr. Nepthaly Pita

Mr. Ronaldo Pita

Defense Office

Major General Bengt Svensson 
Defense Attaché

Ms. Susanne Comella

Captain Stefan Larsson (N)
Naval Attaché and Assistant Defense Attaché

Colonel Stefan Jönsson
Military Attaché and Assistant Defense Attaché

Colonel Per Danielson
Air Attaché and Assistant Defense Attaché

Mr. Håkan Söderstedt
Counselor for Defense Procurement

Intern, Defense Office

Office of Science and Innovation

Professor Henric Johnson 
Counselor, Science and Innovation

Ms. Maria Lönnberg
Science and Innovation Officer

Intern, Office of Science and Innovation

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