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Swedish statement at the CERF High Level Pledging Conference

09 Dec 2022

National statement delivered on behalf of Sweden by Ambassador Magnus Lennartsson at the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund High Level Pledging Conference, 9 December 2022, New York.

Secretary-General, Under-Secretary-General, excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

We gather here today facing an extremely bleak outlook. The pledging event is an important moment to show solidarity  with those who suffer the most around the world.

In total, Sweden is the second largest donor to CERF since its establishment. CERF keeps delivering on its mandate to deploy resources both flexibly and rapidly. This places CERF in a unique position within the humanitarian system, as an enabler of timely assistance to the most vulnerable across the globe.

Although humanitarian funding has increased, global needs have escalated much faster. As a result, the number of underfunded crises is growing. With the Underfunded Emergencies Window, CERF continues to be a lifeline for people caught in crises that do not attract sufficient attention.

Climate change has a huge impact on humanitarian needs. Twenty percent of climate-related disasters are predictable, and 50 percent are foreseeable. CERF is providing innovative financing for anticipatory action, making it possible to act ahead of a crisis. This means quicker and better assistance to those in need.

In light of the increasing humanitarian needs, exacerbated by the Russian aggression against Ukraine, Sweden provided a record-high amount of 725 million Swedish kronor (70.2 million USD) to CERF in 2022. 

We remain committed to honour our multi-year agreement with CERF. In line with the agreement, we are pledging 653 million Swedish kronor (63.2 million USD) for 2023 that will be disbursed early in the year.

With this pledge, Sweden restates its commitment to remain a committed and strategic partner to CERF. We look forward to continuing the cooperation with OCHA on the management of this vital fund.

In conclusion, we must ensure that 2023 is not the year when rising needs and chronic underfunding breaks the humanitarian system. This is a shared responsibility. Sweden is proud to do its part.

Thank you!

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