About us

Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Kyiv, Ukraine. One of the Embassy's main tasks is to promote relations between Sweden and Ukraine and develop cooperation in the fields of politics, economy and culture.

The Embassy is  open only upon prior appointments by e mail to ambassaden.kiev@gov.se

Emergency calls

The Foreign Ministry's consular emergency can be reached via the Embassy switchboard.

The Consular Office

The Consular Office handles matters concerning passports (acceptance of passport applications and delivery of finished passports), coordination numbers and individual inquiries. You need to schedule an appointment for a visit to The Consular Office. The Consular Office offers limited consular service due to the current security situation in Ukraine.

Migration Section

The Embassy in Kiev does not handle migration matters for the time being.

The Migration Section of the Embassy is not able to provide individual responses to inquiries in migration cases by email or telephone.

Please, find below the links to the Embassy in Skopje and the Consulate General in Istanbul, as well as to the Swedish Migration Agency's websites. These pages contain more information on how to apply for a visa or residence and work permit as well as contact details.

The Embassy in Skopje: https://www.swedenabroad.se/en/about-sweden-non-swedish-citizens/macedonia/

The Consulate General in Istanbul: https://www.swedenabroad.se/en/about-sweden-non-swedish-citizens/turkey/going-to-sweden/moving-to-someone-in-sweden/booking-of-an- appointment/

Migration Agency: www.migrationsverket.se

Media inquiries

For media inquiries please contact ambassaden.kiev@gov.se 

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