Call for project applications

31 May 2024

The Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul hereby announces its call for applications for projects in 2025.

Since 2001 the Consulate General has promoted collaboration between Sweden and Türkiye by disbursing grants. The support is guided by the Strategy for Sweden´s reform cooperation with, the Western Balkans and Türkiye for 2021–2027. The overarching goal of the strategy is to support EU integration. You can find the strategy here. Our aim is to support civil society organizations throughout Türkiye, to serve as a resource for our partners, and to provide a platform for public debate.

For 2025 we particularly welcome applications for projects that focus on:

- Respect for human rights, democracy, and the rule of law.

- A more equal society.

- An independent and pluralistic civil society, freedom of expression, and media freedom.

- Young people's democratic participation.

- Synergies between trade and development assistance.

- Addressing the challenges of migration and supporting the enjoyment of rights by  migrants and refugees.

We encourage projects that foster collaborations between different institutions and sectors of society, that include activities in multiple regions of Türkiye, and that are co-funded with other grant makers. We also encourage that a gender equality perspective is mainstreamed into the applicant’s organizational structure as well as their working methods, and in the activities of the project.

The selection will be carried out in three steps:

1) Organizations are invited to submit their project ideas using the attached template by 16 July 2024. Applications should be submitted electronically to

The Consulate General will review all submitted project ideas and contact the organizations selected to proceed to the next step.

2) A complete application will be requested if the project idea has been selected for further consideration (more information about the required documents will be provided at this stage).

3) Interviews will be conducted with shortlisted organizations.

    Application guidelines

    Officially registered CSOs, foundations, associations, think tanks, trade unions and universities are welcome to apply. Applications from individuals or profit-making businesses are not eligible. Project applications related to the Syrian crisis are referred to Sida's Syrian crisis strategy (you can find that strategy here).

    In order for us to be able to review your project, you must fill out the “Concept note – call for project applications” which you can find here. Before filling out the application, we recommend that you read the full strategy here.

    Projects that focus on humanitarian or psychosocial aspects fall outside the scope of the Consulate General’s support.

    The project idea template must be completed and submitted in English. The total amount of the project grant application should be clearly indicated in Turkish Lira.

    For any inquiries or questions, please contact

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