Did you know that Sweden was the first country in the world to criminalize the buying and not the selling of sex?

This week H.E. Per-Anders Sunesson, Ambassador at Large for Combating Trafficking in Persons will visit Seoul from 27 to 31 August to share some of Sweden’s experiences in combating trafficking and protecting minors from sex-trafficking from a legal perspective.

There is a strong link between trafficking and prostitution. In Sweden minor involved in prostitution is defined as victims of sex-exploitation. Ambassador Sunesson will participate in the international seminar “Seeking Legislation to Protect Minors from Sexual Exploitation” on 28 August at the National Assembly. This is part of the efforts to contribute to the public debate of the issue. Ambassador Sunesson will also meet with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family as well as Korea Foundation for Women during his stay to share the Sweden’s experience and learn more about Korea’s.  

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Last updated 27 Aug 2018, 1.17 PM