Staff at the Embassy

The following is a list of the staff at the Swedish Embassy in Maputo:

Leadership grouip

Marie Andersson de Frutos


Mikael Elofsson

Counsellor, Deputy head of Mission, Head of Cooperation

Tom Abrahamsson

Counsellor, Head of Administration

 Stefan Falk

Counsellor, Head of Politics, Trade and Promotion department


Department for political reporting, trade and promotion

lio Macanga, National desk officer, Trade & Promotion

Rosila Mussagy, National Desk Officer, Culture & Communication


Department of Development Cooperation

Love Theodossiadis, First Secretary/Economist

Karin Sahlén, First Secretary/Controller

Elisabeth Ilskog, First Secretary/Energy & Infrastructure

Olov Atterfors, First Secretary/Rural Development

Malin Lundberg, First Secretary/Democratic Governance

Lucy Andrade, First Secretary/Democracy & Human Rights

Anna Tufvesson, First Secretary/Environment & Climate

Jesus Alfredo, National Program Officer/Public Sector Reform

Luisa Fumo, National Program Officer/Gender, SRHR & Social Protection

João Jussar, National Program Officer/Research, Natural Resources & Disaster Management

Nito Matavel, National Program Officer/Private Sector Development

Marta A. Monjane, National Program Officer/Enviroment & Energy

Paulo Júnior, National Program Officer/Environment & Climate Change 

Carla Ribeiro, Programme Administrator

Jessica Negrier, Programme Assistant, Secretary to the Counsellor



Helena HillThird Secretary 

Rafik Ayub, Cashier

Sheila Nhandime, Deputy Cashier

Edith Delalande, Logistics & Housing & Migration 

Candida de Sousa, Archive & Administrative Assistant

Antonio Chirindza, Driver

Bartolomeu Funzana, Driver

Fatima Guambe, Cleaner

Judite Jala, Cleaner

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