Holidays 2023

08 Feb 2023

Holidays 2023

Friday, January 06th:  Epiphany (Trettondagen)

Friday, April 07th:  Good Friday (before Easter)

Friday, April 21st: Aïd Al Fitr (End of Ramadan)

Monday, May 1st: Fête du Travail

Friday, June 23rd: Midsummer Day (Midsommarafton)

Thursday, July 29th:  Aïd Al-Adha 

Friday, July 30th:  Aïd Al-Adha 

Thursday, September 28th:  Aïd Al Mawlid (Birth of the Prophet)

Friday, September 29th:  Aïd Al Mawlid (Birth of the Prophet)

Monday, November 6th: Fête de la Marche Verte

Monday, December 25th:  Christmas Eve

Tuesday, December 26th:  Boxing Day (Annandag jul)


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