Ambassador Katarina Fried’s message on 8 March, International Women’s Day

Women at the Ukraine-Moldova border. Photo credit: UN Women Moldova

This year we mark International Women’s Day against the backdrop of war. What not so long ago seemed unfathomable, is now happening in Ukraine, in Europe, right on the doorstep of the Republic of Moldova.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine started, more than 250 000 Ukrainians have left their country, their homes, their lives, and come to Moldova. Most of them are women and children, and the Moldovan people have opened their hearts and their homes to help them.

Today, I reflect on the many ways in which war and conflict affects women all over the world.

This perspective is important in Swedish foreign policy. We call it a Feminist foreign policy, and it means that we recognise that no sustainable peace, security, and development can exist if half of the world’s population, the women, are excluded.

In the Republic of Moldova, I have met many strong women. From the woman in the village, baking bread for Ukrainian refugees – to the President, fighting for a better future for the country. Today, I pay tribute to all women in Moldova, born and raised or just recently arrived.

Last updated 08 Mar 2022, 11.10 AM