Embassy Staff

The following people work at the Embassy of Sweden in Chisinau:

Katarina Fried Ambassador

Karin Borovic Counsellor – Head of Development Cooperation

Thomas Alveteg First Secretary – Deputy Head of Development Cooperation - Analyst Development Cooperation

Catarina Nilsson First Secretary – EU ICT Development Cooperation

Pernilla Nordvall Second Secretary – Political Affairs and Promotion

Linnaea Manberger Second Secretary – Head of Administration and Consular Affairs

Hans Granlund Defence Attaché – Colonel (Based in Kyiv)

Oxana Paierele Programme Officer – Development Cooperation

Evghenia Snitco Programme Officer – Development Cooperation (EU ICT)

Elena Cazac National Administrative Officer, Cashier, Programme Administrator

Victoria Marcu Communications and Promotion Officer

Natalia Sicora Social Secretary

Natalia Rosca Receptionist, Administrative and Consular Assistant

Igor Pascal Driver, Assistant Cashier, Care-Taker

Olesia Ignatieva Maintenance and cleaner

Orest Cromell Intern


Last updated 03 May 2023, 3.33 PM