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Embassy of SwedenNairobi, Kenya

Local time 12:00 AM

Schengen visas from Tanzanian residents handled in Nairobi

01 Mar 2021

Please note that from March 1st 2021 Tanzanian residents should submit their Schengen visa applications at Sweden Visa Application Centre, VFS Global/FMC, Maktaba Square Business Park, 4th Floor – Wing B, Plot No 75/27, Maktaba Street, Dar es Salaam.

The Schengen visa application will be handled and decided by the Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi. You can no longer submit your application for Schengen visa at the Embassy of Sweden in Dar es Salaam or by the online facility. Please visit the External Service Provider website, VFS Global, to find out how to apply:

You can also find more information on this website:

Last updated 02 Mar 2021, 6.40 PM