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Embassy of SwedenAstana, Kazakhstan

Local Time 3:27 AM

Warning: Embassy advises to be extra careful with new internet girlfriends/friends, not to send money etc!

The Embassy of Sweden in Kazakhstan has become increasingly aware of cases of fraud where a person claiming to be a woman from Kazakhstan, very often presenting herself as Russian, who asks for money, for example to cover travel costs to Sweden or to prove to the Embassy that she has sufficient funds to apply for a visa to Sweden. In such cases, there is a high probability of fraud.

The Embassy of Sweden in Kazakhstan does not handle visa issues and is represented by the Embassy of Latvia in Astana and the Consulate General of Lithuania in Almaty when it comes to visa matters. Our partners - the Embassy of Latvia in Astana and the Consulate General of Lithuania in Almaty - check the applicants' assets when they apply for a visa. They do not ask for any additional fees, except for the application fee, and there is no exit tax or similar in Kazakhstan.

We strongly recommend that you think twice and check carefully if you are approached or asked these types of questions! If you still would be unsure about a money-related request from an online girlfriend, you are welcome to contact the Embassy of Sweden in Astana.

For more information on online scams, please visit the Swedish Police Authority web site: Crime Victim Support | The Swedish Police Authority (

To report romance scams / online fraud, visit the Swedish Police Authority’s web site: Romansbedrägeri | Polismyndigheten (

For more information of Sweden’s visa requirements, please visit the webpages of the Embassy of Latvia (which accepts documents through the VFS Global visa center) and the Consulate General of Lithuania.

Last updated 26 Mar 2024, 5.22 PM