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Embassy of SwedenRome, Italy

Local time 10:46 AM

Embassy staff

Jan Björklund

CV Ambassador Björklund english.pdf

Linda Schwartz
P.A. to the Ambassador
Administrative Officer
Tel: +39-06-44194221

Kristina Nilsson
Protocol and Administrative Officer, Translator
Tel: +39-06-44194232 

Political and Economic Affairs 

Niklas Wiberg
Minister Counsellor, Political Affairs
Tel: +39-06-44194222 

Maria Åkerlund De Francisco 
Tel: +39-06-44194259 

Susanna Tavazzi
Political Officer
Tel: +39-06-44194243 

Ada Berg Arbro

Multilateral section 

Pernilla Ivarsson
Minister Counsellor, Deputy Permanent Representative to FAO
Tel: +39-06-44194252 

Petter Nilsson
Counsellor, Deputy Permanent Representative to WFP and IFAD
Tel: +39-06-44194251 

Lucas Lindfors
Program and Policy Officer - Off duty
Tel: +39-06-44194402

Björn Strandberg
Program and Policy Officer - Locum Tenens
Tel: +39-06-44194402

Rebecka Ramstedt
Program and Policy Officer
Tel: +39-06-44194254

Anna Ebadian

Trade, Culture and Communication section

Maria Åkerlund De Francisco  
Tel: +39-06-44194259 

Malena Hessel
Communication, Promotion and Cultural Affairs Officer
Tel: +39-06-44194278 

Anna Grind
Trade Promotion Officer
Tel: +39 06 44194258

Benjamin Miller Olsson

Consular Affairs, Administration and Migration section

Samuel Sandberg Bremell
Counsellor, Head of Administration Affairs
Head of Section
Tel: +39-06-44194225 

Gunilla Rödström
Third Secretary, Archive
Deputy Head of Section
Tel: +39-06-44194227 

Elena Lindström
Tel: +39-06-44194228 

Marita Carlsson
Administrative Officer and Property matters
Tel: +39-06-44194201 

Susanne Bratt
Consular Officer
Tel: +39-06-44194202 

Erika Johansson
Consular Officer
Tel: +39-06-44194234 

Frida Brusén
Migration Officer
Tel: +39-06-44194253

Carl Löfvenborg
Administrative Assistant and Driver
Tel: +39-06-44194266 

The Defence section 

Bengt Lundgren
Defence Attaché
Tel: +39-06-44194249 

Liselott Schweitz Felici
P.A. to the Defence Attaché Tel: +39-06-44194249 

Swedish Trade office in Milan

Per Jacobson
Trade Commissioner
Tel: +39-02-863 981

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