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Embassy of SwedenTel Aviv, Israel

Local time 4:00 AM

Swedish Films at Tel Aviv International Children's Film Festival

From the movie Martha & Niki

Photo: from the movie Martha & Niki

Today is the opening of the Tel Aviv International Children's Film Festival, 10-13 July 2018. The Swedish movies "Martha & Niki" and "Monky" will be screened at the Festival, see schedule below. One of the movies is shown already tonight, at the opening. Enjoy!

Martha & Niki (2015):
Tuesday 10th July at 19:00
Thursday 12th July at 16:00

Monky (2017):
Thursday 12th July at 10:30
Saturday 14th July at 10:00

For more information please visit the festival's web-page:פסטיבל-לסרטי-ילדים-ונוער/ 

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