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Registration to the electoral roll for the elections 2018 and 2019

All Swedish citizens who have reached the age of 18 by election day and who are or have been registered as resident in Sweden are eligible to vote in parliamentary elections and in the European parliament elections.

A Swedish citizen living abroad automatically retain the right to vote for ten years after moving abroad. After that you will need to register for another period of ten years.

Before each election, the Election Authority (Valmyndigheten) sends out voting cards and postal voting materials to all Swedes who are listed with the Swedish Tax Agency as resident outside Sweden.

In order to be included on the electoral roll you must complete the form “Ny adress/röstlängd för utvandrad” (SKV 7842) and send it to the Swedish Tax Agency. 

For further information and questions regarding the elections please contact the Election Authority (Valmyndigheten)  Phone: +46 10 57 57 000

Questions regarding registration to the electoral roll or information from the population register please contact the Swedish Tax Agency. Phone +46 8 564 851 60.

Last updated 30 Apr 2018, 11.30 AM