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Embassy of SwedenTel Aviv, Israel

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Photo exhibition “Swedish Dads” in Haifa

Welcome to the opening of the photo exhibition “Swedish Dads” by Johan Bävman on the 25th of April, 17:00 in Haifa Auditorium.

Swedish Dads is a photo exhibition based on portraits of fathers who choose to stay home with their babies for at least six months. Photographer Johan Bävman examines why these fathers have chosen to stay home with their children, what the experience has given them, and how their relationship with both their partners and their children has changed as a result. The exhibition aims to show the effects of gender equality in parenting on both individuals and society.

In his own words: "I use portraits of fathers with their children in everyday situations, and interviews with dads to aim the spotlight on fathers who prioritize the connection to their children and family before their job and career. But the focus is also on the universal and loving aspects of parenting, regardless of whether you are the mother or father."

Sweden has one of the most generous parental leave systems in the world. The current system enables parents to stay at home with their child for a total of 480 days, while receiving an allowance from the state. Ninety of these days are allotted to each parent.

The exhibition will be open between the 25th of April and the 5th of May.

Opening hours:

Sunday-Thursday 10:00-12:30, 18:00-21:00
Friday 10:00-12:30
Saturday 10:30-12:30


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