Embassy Staff

The Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi consists of around 40 staff members divided into five sections. For more information on each section, kindly see below:

Ambassador's Office

Mr. Klas Molin

Mr. Gautam Bhattacharyya
Minister Counsellor & Deputy Head of Mission

Audrey D'Souza
PA to the Ambassador


Section 1 – Political section

Johan Arvidsson 
Second Secretary, Political Affairs India, Nepal and Bhutan

Jonatan Klum Stelander
Second Secretary, Political Affairs India, Sri Lanka and Maldives


Section 2 – Economic section 

Viggo Barmen
Second Secretary

Louise Warvsten
Second Secretary

Yasmin Zaveri Roy
Senior Advisor 

Shuchita Mehta
Information & Trade promotion Officer 


Section 3 – Consular and administrative section 

Bisera Dimitrova
Counsellor Head of Section, Administrative, Legal and Consular Affairs

Lars Halvardsson  
First Secretary, Consular & Administrative Affairs

Lillemor Lantz
Third Secretary Consular & Administrative Affairs


Section 4 – Migration section

Ibrahim Gaye

First Secretary

Sara Osman
Second Secretary


Section 5 - Office of Innovation and Science 

Fanny von Heland

Leena Kukreja
Senior Advisor 


The Defence Attaché’s office  

Johan Törnqvist 
Defence Attaché

Mini Nair

Public Diplomacy, Press and Communication 

Saloni Zaveri-Ahluwalia
Senior Advisor Strategic communication and Public Diplomacy

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