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Embassy of SwedenNew Delhi, India

Local time 11:34 PM

Embassy Staff

The Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi consists of around 40 staff members divided into five sections. For more information on each section, kindly see below:

Ambassador's Office

Jan Thesleff
Ambassador of Sweden to India and Sri Lanka and Maldives, Ambassador Designate to Bhutan and Nepal

Christian Kamill
Deputy Head of Mission

Audrey D'Souza
Secretary to the Ambassador

Section 1 – Political section

Johan Enerbäck
Second Secretary, Political Affairs India, Nepal and Bhutan

Alireza Javaheri
Counsellor, Political Affairs India, Sri Lanka and Maldives

Section 2 – Economic section 

Markus Lundgren 
Counsellor, Head of Section, Trade, Economic and Cultural Affairs

Emilia Lindén Guinez
Second Secretary

Shuchita Mehta
Information & Trade promotion Officer 

Biba Jasmine Kaur
Advisor, Health and Environment 

Section 3 – Consular and administrative section 

Anna Areschoug
Counsellor Head of Section, Administrative, Legal and Consular Affairs

Annika Gille Williams
Counsellor, Consular & Administrative Affairs

Emma Hillberg (on parental leave until 17 october 2023)
Third Secretary, Consular & Administrative Affairs

Mariliina von Uexküll (until 3 october 2023)
Third Secretary, Consular & Administrative Affairs

Anjali Taneja
Administrative Officer & Accountancy

Jyoti Tekchandani
Administrative Officer & HR

Vikas Soni
Consular Officer

Section 4 – Migration section

Ljiljana Cvitanovic Juric
Counsellor, Head of Section

Bethel Aregawi
Second Secretary

Sara Osman
Second Secretary

Annika Lidmalm
Second Secretary

Section 5 - Office of Innovation and Science 

Per Arne Wikström 

Geeny Shaju

Mini Nair

The Defence Attaché’s office  

Per Galvér
Defence Attaché

Mini Nair

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