Embassy Staff

The Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi consists of around 40 staff members divided into five sections. For more information on each section, kindly see below:

Ambassador's Office

Mr. Klas Molin

Mr. Gautam Bhattacharyya
Minister Counsellor & Deputy Head of Mission

Audrey D'Souza
PA to the Ambassador


Section 1 – Political section


Ebba Littorin
Second Secretary, Political Affairs India, Sri Lanka and Maldives

Viktor Carlsson
Second Secretary, Political Affairs India, Nepal and Bhutan


Section 2 – Economic section


Niklas Eriksson
First Secretary

Viggo Barmen
Second Secretary

Yasmin Zaveri Roy
Senior Advisor 

Shuchita Mehta
Information, Press & Cultural Officer 


Section 3 – Consular and administrative section


Bisera Dimitrova
Counsellor Head of Section, Administrative, Legal and Consular Affairs

Lars Halvardsson  
First secretary, Consular & Administrative Affairs

Lillemor Lantz
Third Secretary Consular & Administrative Affairs


Section 4 – Migration section


Fredrik Larsson
Counsellor, Migration Liason Officer

Ibrahim Gaye
Second Secretary

Helena Frid
Second Secretary


Section 5 - Office of Innovation and Science


Fanny von Heland

Leena Kukreja
Senior Advisor 


The Defence Attaché’s office


Johan Törnqvist 
Defence Attaché

Mini Nair

Public Diplomacy, Press and Communication



Ebba Littorin
Second Secretary

Shuchita Mehta
Information, Press & Cultural Officer

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