About us

Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Budapest. The Embassy is located in an office building on Kapás utca in the II district.

The Embassy's task is to represent Sweden and the Swedish government in Hungary and Slovenia and to promote Sweden's interests.

We do this by maintaining a close dialogue with representatives of the Hungarian and Slovenian governments and representatives from the societies in both countries, including from the business sector, the culture and media sector and a large number of civil society organizations, on topics of relevance to the bilateral relations as well as of importance to the region, the EU and on a global level.

We also work closely with other Sweden-focused organizations in Hungary and Slovenia, including the Swedish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and the Swedish-Slovenian Association.

The Embassy of Sweden in Budapest has 15 employees, including three diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and one Defence Attaché from the Swedish Armed Forces. 11 of the staff members are employed locally.

Ambassador Diana Madunic has been Head of Mission since 30 August 2023.

Last updated 23 May 2024, 4.30 PM