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Updated restrictions and Covid Green Pass: what you need to know to verify your status in Georgia

29 Nov 2021

From 28 November 2021, citizens of any country, including a citizen of Georgia, who has a travel history to the countries listed below during last 14 days, is subject to 14-day mandatory isolation/quarantine in the quarantine facility upon entry to Georgia. After completing the 14 days of isolation/quarantine, a person shall undergo PCR examination.

These countries are:
Republic of South Africa
Republic of Botswana
Republic of Zimbabwe
Republic of Namibia
Kingdom of Lesotho
Kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland)
Republic of Mozambique
Republic of Malawi

The Government of Georgia will cover all the costs related to isolation/quarantine as well as PCR eximination for a citizen of Georgia. A foreign citizen shall have to cover the costs of his/her isolation/quarantine and PCR testing.

Covid Green Pass: what you need to know to verify your status in Georgia.

As we are the part of EU Digital COVID Certificate system, QR scanner should  accept member states QR codes.

Foreighners can also download the app and register there as well, but you should only use the e-health app and register there, you can see it at the end of the page. Follow the link.

 ვაქცინა გვიცავს (


In case of technical problem contact: 

-   144 - Unified Hotline of the Government 

-   1505 - Hotline of the Ministry of Health

-   1522 -Vaccination hotline

-   0800800909 - Hotline of the LEPL Georgian National Tourism Administration 

-   Email:

For more information:

ვაქცინა გვიცავს (

GeoConsul.Gov.Ge - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

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