Embassy Staff

Photo by Kristian Pohl

Ulrik Tideström


Development cooperation section

Erik Illes
Head of Development Cooperation and Deputy Head of Mission

Sofie Louise Westerberg
First Secretary (Development Cooperation)

Khatuna Zaldastanishvili
Programme Officer (Development Cooperation)

Kakha Khimshiashvili
Programme Officer (Development Cooperation)

Tina Genebashvili 
Programme Officer (Development Cooperation)

Salome Svanadze
Program Administrator


Political, economic and promotion section

Linnaea Manberger
Second Secretary (Political Affairs and Sweden Promotion)

Tamar Datuashvili
Communication and Cultural Affairs Officer/Executive Assistant to the Ambassador


Administration and consular section

Claudia Winroth 
First Secretary (Head of Administration and Consular Affairs) 

Tinatin Sikharulidze
Administrator/Consular Affairs Assistant

Mariam Kakalashvili
Financial Officer

Tina Kbiladze
Receptionist (with additional tasks within political affairs)

Nugzar Makharashvili
Driver/Handyman/Administrative assistant

Alex Jangirashvili
Driver/Handyman/Administrative assistan

Khatuna Tirkia


Military Attache

Björn Vilbern
Commander-in-Chief (accredited from Kiev)







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