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Nobel Week 2023 – a celebration of science, culture and peace

08 Dec 2023

Nobel Week is more than just a ceremony that honours this year’s Nobel Prize laureates – it is also an opportunity to demonstrate Sweden’s scientific and cultural triumphs as a nation that promotes high-quality research, art and peace. Nobel Week features a number of exciting and inspirational events that convey the values and importance of the Nobel Prize, including the light festival Nobel Week Lights.

Nobel Week 2023 is in full swing. On 5–12 December, the public can attend lectures, seminars, exhibitions and concerts that focus on the Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, peace and economic sciences. You can follow each laureate’s official Nobel lecture and the award ceremony here. You can also follow the Nobel Week Dialogue online. The event will take place on 9 December and focus on migration. Classical music lovers can attend the Nobel Prize Concert, a recurring event of the highest international standard where the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra performs with word-class artists. On Monday 11 December, you can listen to Nobel Calling Space, a live conversation between Nobel Prize laureates Ferenc Krausz and Moungi Bawendi, and Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen. Topics will include the importance of basic science, the universe and the challenges of conducting experiments in space. Register here to watch the livestream.

One of the highlights of Nobel Week is Nobel Week Lights 2023, a light festival that illuminates buildings and public places in central Stockholm with art installations by local and international artists. The light artworks are inspired by Nobel Prize laureates and their discoveries. The festival is the result of cooperation between the Nobel Foundation, Stockholm City and a number of cultural institutions. This year’s theme is ‘Hope’, and the artworks will reflect on how science, culture and peace can contribute to a brighter future. 

Nobel Week is not just a Swedish affair, but a global phenomenon that attracts interest and engagement all over the world. Happy Nobel Week!


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