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New government export prize for the cultural and creative industries

The Government has announced the nominees for the new export prize for the cultural and creative industries, which is being awarded for the first time this year. Minister for EU Affairs and Trade Ann Linde will award the prize.

The aim of this Government export prize is to highlight successes across the entire spectrum of the cultural and creative industries and strengthen their internationalisation. The industries considered for the prize – industries in which Sweden and Swedish companies stand out internationally – are: architecture, art, computer games, design, fashion, film and television production, literature, media and marketing communications, the performing arts and photography.

The winner will be announced by Minister for EU Affairs and Trade Ann Linde at the award ceremony on 24 March at 14.00. 

-          “The cultural and creative industries are making an ever-increasing contribution to Swedish exports and at the same time help to promote an image of Sweden as a modern and innovative country. This year’s nominees demonstrate the true breadth of what Sweden has to offer the world,” says Ms Linde.

Nominees for the 2017 Cultural and Creative Industries Export Prize: 

Fashion: Acne Studios
Design: String Furniture AB
Art: Frida Fjellman, artist/designer
Film and television production: Nordisk Film Production Sweden for the film Sami Blood
Computer games: Oskar Burman, Jana Palm, Tommy Palm and Karl Magnus Troedsson for Stugan

Jury members for the Cultural and Creative Industries Export Prize:

Annika Rembe, Chair and Director-General of the Swedish Institute
David Karlsson, Senior Adviser at Nätverkstan in Gothenburg
Carin Daal, Giv Akt Skåne AB
Stina Almqvist, Creative Nodes Luleå
Peter Majanen, CEO of Quattroporte
Ellen Wettmark, Swedish Arts Council
Tobias Nielsén, founder, head of publishing and CEO of Volante
Ulrika Cederskog Sundling, Executive Vice President, Invest & Region Sweden, Business Sweden

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