About us

Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Yerevan, Armenia, which opened in March, 2014. The Ambassador H.E. Mr. Ulrik Tideström is resident in Tbilisi, Georgia. In his absence, the Embassy is headed by a Chargé d´affaires a.i. Mr. Birger Karlsson.

In 2013, the Swedish Government decided to upgrade the presence in Armenia by opening an embassy in Yerevan.

A permanent Swedish presence in Armenia represented by an embassy makes it easier for Swedish authorities to follow the economical and political development in the country and to aim for strengthening the bilateral relations between Armenia and Sweden, concerning trade and investments.

Due to its limited size, the Embassy of Sweden in Yerevan does not issue applications for residence or work permits. Regarding these issues we ask you please to contact the Embassy of Sweden i Moscow.  Questions about how to apply for a visa to Sweden can be addressed to the Embassy of Germany, the Schengen representative in Armenia.


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