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Sweden & Tanzania

Development Cooperation with Tanzania

The aim of Swedish development cooperation with Tanzania is to contribute to conditions for sustainable growth in the country and provide people living in poverty with better opportunities to support themselves by obtaining work and starting and running productive businesses. The main target groups are women, children, and young people. Sweden's development cooperation activities in Tanzania will contribute to successively reducing Tanzania's dependence on aid.

Kindly note that the embassy does not accept spontaneous project proposals or applications. Our development cooperation with Tanzania is guided by the Swedish government strategy. All development partners are selected and approached by the Swedish embassy, based on consultancy studies and analysis.

For several years Tanzania has been one of the top recipients of Swedish development  assistance. With present annual contributions of 750-850 MSEK (including research) Sweden is among the larger bilateral donors to the country. The development cooperation dates back to independence and has over the years covered most sectors.

The present work is based on previous long-term good relations, and is guided by a  cooperation strategy from May 2013, and covers the period up to December 2019. The following areas for collaboration are identified:

  1. More jobs and development of energy and agricultural markets, including enhanced access to electricity, developed agricultural markets and increased security regarding land rights.  
  2. Improved education and increased entrepreneurship, including greater number of girls and boys who acquire basic knowledge skills in school, greater number of young people who complete vocational education, and increased opportunities for women and young people to start and run productive businesses.  
  3. Strengthened democratic accountability and transparency, and increased awareness of human rights, including increased capacity and reduced corruption in Tanzanian public administration, and enhanced capacity in civil society to demand accountability and increased awareness of human rights. 

In addition Sweden supports research collaboration, which aims at enhancing the country's capacity to plan, conduct and use research in the fight against poverty.

Examples of areas of work:

1. Productive Social Safetey Network

2. Energy

3. Democratic Accountability and Transparency

4. Education and Vocational Training

5. Private Sector Development and Agricultural Markets

6. Land Security

7. Research


Additional sector information as well as examples from various supported interventions can be found on the website of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida. 

Map of Sweden’s Development Cooperation in Tanzania

Our partners are implementing programmes in rural and urban areas all over Tanzania. Looking at this map you can discover our partners, what their main targets are and where they are operating. This map provides insight into some of the great development work that is being done in Tanzania, and the input from Sweden. Click on the icons to get an introduction of the project, their scope and duration!


Development and aid

Sweden has a long tradition of generous and ambitious development aid. Development cooperation is about helping to enable poor people to improve their living conditions. Swedish development aid is often channelled through international organisations such as the UN and the EU. Humanitarian assistance refers to Sweden’s activities to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain the human dignity of those affected by natural disasters, armed conflicts or other similar circumstances.