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One-Stop-Shop: new initiative by Tanzanian Investment Center (TIC)

The Tanzanian authority for investment, TIC, has implemented an "One-Stop-Shop" to help investors navigate through rules, regulations and permits.

To stimulate and facilitate investments Tanzania has implemented an ”One-Stop-Shop” for investors at Tanzania Investment Centre, TIC.

Depending on if you are a Tanzanian citizen or not, TIC can offer you different kind of support. As a non-Tanzanian citizen the authority will manage all investments with a capital of a minimum of 500,000 USD, while the minimum is a 100,000 USD if it is a Tanzanian who has made the investment.

Companies operating within the mining and oil sector partly have separate regulations in relation to the regulations and laws which apply within those sectors. The authority can however help investors to obtain necessary permits and such alike that is necessary to start and run companies in Tanzania.  

TIC’s  One-Stop-Shop mission is to:

  • Assist investors to obtain permits, licenses, visas and residence permits
  • Assist in issues concerning land (as only Tanzanian citizens are allowed to own land)
  • Offer advice to investors on questions about regulations and permits
  • Offer service to are already registered at TIC

For more information visit the web page http://www.tic.co.tz/or contact TIC at:

Tanzania Investment Centre

Shaaban Robert Street

P.O. Box 938, Dar es Salaam

Tel: +255 (0) 22 2116328-32

Fax: +255 (0) 22 2118253


Last updated 02 Jan 2018, 3.05 PM