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Business opportunities in Sweden

Are you interested in exporting your products to Sweden, or do you wish to make imports? Would you like to explore opportunities for investments in Sweden?

Below is a list of Swedish institutions dedicated to making it easier for foreign companies to make business with Sweden. This is your gateway to the Swedish market.

Business Sweden

Business Sweden’s aim is to promote Sweden internationally and enhance the image and awareness of Sweden as an attractive, innovative and competitive business partner.

Among other services they offer Operating Guides with information to international companies on how to set up and run a business in Sweden and can help global companies find investment opportunities in Sweden and/or Swedish partners to do business with.

Business Sweden

E-mail: info@business-sweden.se

National Board of Trade The National Board of Trade (Kommerskollegium) is an independent government agency acting as an expert administrative authority on foreign trade and Swedish trade policies. Its activities fall mainly within the framework of the European Union and its internal market, but the Board also advocates an open and strong multilateral trading system, continued trade liberalisation and a simplification of trade procedures. It provides analyses of Swedish trade policies and information on i.e. import licences. The Board answers to enquiries free of charge.

National Board of Trade

E-mail: registrator@kommers.se

Open Trade Gate Sweden Open Trade Gate Sweden is the result of a governmental assignment given to the National Board of Trade to develop a new contact point for the facilitation of trade between developing countries and Sweden.

Open Trade Gate Sweden is the main contact point regarding information and problem solving relating to Swedish and European Union trade rules and regulations. It assists exporters in developing countries to overcome legal and information related barriers when exporting to Sweden.

Open Trade Gate Sweden
E-mail: info@opentradegate.se

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