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ID and passport controls in Taiwan

Starting end of May 2024, employees and students can show their passports to the Migration Agency on their mobile phones.

Since November 1, 2022, the Swedish Migration Agency requires all applicants of residence permit to Sweden to visit a Swedish Embassy or Consulate General authorised for passport and ID control. The control is needed before the Agency can grant a decision on the application. Applicants residing in Taiwan normally visit the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok for this purpose.

From the end of May, the Swedish Migration Agency is launching a pilot for digital passport check. Students and workers from Taiwan are among the group of residents from 22 countries and territories that will be able to use the identification app Freja to show their passports. Applicants that successfully have completed the digital passport check have already completed the ID-control and do not have to travel to a Swedish Embassy or a Pop-up to verify their identities.

The offer of a digital passport check is sent out in the form of an automated email within a couple of days of an online application for a work or study permit. The email contains a personalised link to the e-service that is valid for one week.

More information can be found on the Migration Agency’s website.

POP-UP for ID and passport controls to be conducted in Taipei on July 10
Even though the pilot will be launched in May, a so-called POP-UP ID and passport control will be organised in Taiwan on July 10, 2024. The controls will be carried out by authorised staff from the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok. This solution is for applicants who have not done the digital passport check.

Important Notice
POP-UP ID and passport controls will be possible only for applicants of visa exempt nationalities residing in Taiwan, and who have already applied for a resident permit for the purpose of studying or working in Sweden.

Applicants of other nationalities and applicants for other types of residence permits (such as family ties) are not eligible for these POP-UP ID and passport controls. They still must visit the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok to have an interview before entering Sweden.

Please be aware that the check can be carried out only if you already have a pending application with the Migration Agency.

Procedure: ID and passport controls
Applicants are requested to bring:

  • passport (and more documents if instructed to do so), and
  • the application control number with the Swedish Migration Agency

Applicants who have applied for a residence permit but have not yet been requested by the Swedish Migration Agency to show their passport, can still visit the POP-UP, and a check will be carried out for these applicants.

The ID and passport control takes around 10 minutes per applicant.

Date and time
July 10 between 09.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00. No prior booking is needed.

Swedish Trade and Invest Council (Business Sweden)
Room 2406, International Trade Building, 333 Keelung Road, Sec. 1, Taipei

Questions regarding the POP-UP can be sent to migration.bangkok@gov.se.

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