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Visiting Sweden

Entry to Sweden

Citizens of the European Union do not need a visa for Sweden. A valid travel document is sufficient.

For foreign citizens with right of residence in one of the Schengen countries, it is possible to visit any other Schengen country without a visa.

Citizens from other countries who are not members of the Schengen Agreement need a visa to enter Sweden. Information about how to apply for a visa can be found on the webpage of the Swedish Migration Agency.

The Swedish Embassy in Vienna does not handle visa, migration or asylum. Instead, please contact one of the following Swedish embassies in Europe: Athens, Berlin, Madrid, Paris or Rome. You can also contact the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket).

Bringing a pet to Sweden

Information on imports of animals to Sweden is available on the homepage of the Swedish National Board of Agriculture (Statens Jordbruksverk) and the Swedish Customs (Tullverket).

More information

Information about tourism and general travel information is available on VisitSweden.com - Sweden's official website for tourism and travel information and on Sweden.se - Sweden´s official website.