Sweden & Serbia


You pay a fee for your work permit application. The money is not refunded if your application is rejected.

Fee for work permit application

Work permit application: SEK 1500-2200*

*Please read more about various types of work permit on the Swedish Migration Agency's homepage

Application for your family

Adults: SEK 1 500 Children under 18: SEK 750

You can get information about the exact fee in RSD (dinars) in the section Fees 2024.


If you are applying online, you pay with a credit card or a bank card on the web. If the application is submitted in person, the fee is to be paid in cash or a bank card at the time of application. The fee is paid in dinars in the exact amount. Please note that some differences may occur because the exchange rate changes monthly. You are therefore kindly requested to consult the Embassy's homepage to check the exact fee amount before visiting the embassy.

Special fees for certain occupations

For some occupations, special fees are required. These are: artists, au pairs, visiting researchers, athletes and coaches. They pay SEK 1 500, but in dinars.

If the employer pays

If the employer wants to pay the application fee, and you have not applied online, he/she should contact the Swedish Migration Agency immediately after the application is made, to complete the application. Otherwise, there is a risk that the Migration Agency rejects your application.