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How is Swedish international aid distributed and what results does it achieve? Openaid publishes information from government agencies and ministries about Swedish development cooperation in accordance with the transparency guarantee.

Openaid is a website on which you can find information about the Swedish development cooperation. The website contains data on when, to whom and with what purpose Swedish international aid is paid and the results that it achieves.

In 2010, a transparency guarantee was introduced to Swedish development assistance. The guarantee means that public documentation and information about Swedish aid are actively made available on the Web.

This website is a web-based information service about Swedish aid built on open government data. Here, the public, aid actors and other stakeholders can follow when, to whom and for what purposes aid funds have been paid and with what results. Openaid.se shows the available contribution data in as much detail as possible.

Sida, The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency maintains Openaid.se. Other agencies and ministries that handle aid funds are also presented on the site. 

Openaid.se is also developed with an open-source license, which means that anyone is allowed to reuse the software developed for openaid.se. 

Last updated 19 May 2023, 11.43 AM