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Business and conference visits

If you apply for a visa to visit Sweden on business, you need the documents listed below.

The forms must be completed in either Swedish or English. When you submit your application you must bring the original documents together with one set of copies.

You must have:

  • The documents required by all visa applicants. Read more under Required documents.
  • The invitation (in original) from the company or organisation in Sweden showing both the duration and purpose of the visit and who will be responsible for supporting you financially during your stay.
  • TCC (Tax Clearnence Certificate) and Certificate of Business Incorporation (certificate of registration of company or business).
  • Proof of commercial activities in Nigeria and recent contacts, the continuation of the commercial relationship with the company that invites (contracts, bills, commercial correspondence etc.).
  • In case of participation in conferences, fairs, seminars, congresses etc.: an invitation from company or an authorized body to attend events connected with trade, industry or work, proof of registration and entry tickets for events, if applicable, other documents which show the existence of trade or work relations.

Business and conference visits

If you are visiting Sweden on a business or conference trip and are a citizen of a non-EU country, you may need a visa. A visa is a permit to travel to and stay in a country for a limited period.

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