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Moving to someone in Sweden

Apply via the e-service

If you want to apply for a residence permit to move to someone in Sweden, submit your application in the e-service. All information will be received by the Swedish Migration Agency directly. When applying online you will register your email address as a secure communication way. This will enable the Swedish Migration Agency to contact you directly in case further information is needed.

For those who cannot apply in the e-service (internet application), it is possible to hand in an application at the Embassy. In order to do this you have to book an appointment at migration.abuja@gov.se. You can also give a power of attorney to the person you are moving to. He or she can then submit the application in the e-service for you.

The application is sent to the Swedish Migration Agency

It is the Swedish Migration Agency that will process your case. The Swedish Migration Agency can decide that the applicant needs to do an interview at the Embassy. The applicant will then receive a notification to make an appointment for the interview at the Embassy or consulate. In connection with that visit, the applicant will also be photographed, provide fingerprints and passport and other original documents will be checked.

Please refer to the following page to apply for a residence permit to move to a family member in Sweden and for more information on what documents that are required:

Read more on the Swedish Migration Agency’s website