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What Sweden stands for: Swedish politics and standpoints

Sweden is a parliamentary democracy, which means that all public power proceeds from the people. At the national level, the people are represented by the Riksdag (Swedish parliament) which has legislative power. The Government implements the Riksdag's decisions and draws up proposals for new laws or law amendments.

On the website of the Swedish Government, you can read about the politics Sweden stand for, who the ministers are and how Sweden operates in the world. 

Link to Government.se

The Swedish Government has outlined eight priorities aimed at addressing key societal challenges. These include measures to stimulate economic growth and improve household finances, efforts to combat crime, initiatives to manage migration and integration, policies to address climate and energy concerns, improvements in health and medical care, advancements in education, as well as addressing the security policy environment. These priorities are part of a broader strategy to strengthen Sweden’s social and economic fabric​​​​.

Link to read more about The Government’s priorities – Government.se

Last updated 09 Feb 2024, 12.35 PM