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Sweden & Kosovo

Environment and climate

Sweden cooperates with the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) to support the implementation of the Kosovo Environmental Program. The Program will support capacity development of the MESP, the Inter-Ministerial Water Council, municipalities and other stakeholders in environmental monitoring and management. More specifically, the Program will support the development of the capacity for implementation of environmental legislation, in compliance with EU directives. The support given to Kosovo Environmental Agency will enhance knowledge and protection of biodiversity as well to improve management of transboundary protected areas.

Sweden furthermore supports the environmental organisation Regional Environmental Center (REC). The program focuses on strengthening the role and capacity of environment-orientated civil society organisations in Kosovo, primarily in the sectors air, water and waste. Support is also provided to the organisation Connecting Natural Values with People (CNVP), which contribute to sustainable use of natural resources in Kosovo. The organisation is also strengthening sustainable private and decentralized forestry through the project Strengthening Sustainable Private Forestry Development. The project provides support to local private forest owners associations and groups living in rural and mountain areas. In addition to a decentralised and sustainable joint forest management, renewable energy from biomass and increasing the participation and influence of women in the forest management are three important parts of the project.

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